Commercial Ventilation/Exhaust System Division

Intergrate Service for:
Design, Install, Restaurant Kitchen/Commercial Exhaust Duct System.

Repair, Preventive Maintenance Service Contract.

Fire Dept Violation Removal.

All Quality job has one year warranty for normal usage.

We provide American name brand blower, American First.

Utility Set 排風機 Centrifugal Up Blast,離心上吹式風機 Centrifugal Down Blast,離心下吹式風機 InLine 排風機
Axial Roof Mount 軸流式排風 Sheet Matel Duct 管道

Motor 驅動馬達 Motor Starter 啟動器 Driving Belt 驅動皮帶 Block Bearing 軸承
Pully 帶動輪 Variable Speed Drives 無段變速器,單相至三相,三相至三相配線 Wheel 風輪

When you experience the following systems, you need maintain the system to avoid major down time.
1, Smoky Kitchen. 煙霧迷漫 2, Higher than normal room temperature 高室溫 3, Small air flow. 抽風量小 4, Noise from the hood, blower.噪音 Several things can go wrong in your exhaust system.
1, Worn, Loss fan belts 損壞或鬆弛的皮帶 2, Bearing that has gone bad 損壞的軸承 3, Motor that needs to be replaced 損壞的馬達 4, Dirty, Clog, Block filters 濾網阻塞 5, Electricity 供電線路

Repair Service, Maintenance/Service Contract

Repair Service:
On Call, Radio Dispatch Repair Service.

Service Contract:
For a small amount of fee, our skilled and knowledged technician provide routine "Preventative Maintenance" to your exhaust system. Keep the system running smooth, avoid operation shut down due to serious equipment broke down, get rid of fire violation on city code.

Fire Department Violation Removal

Our quality technican will help you to determin the issue, fix the problems, remove the violation, resume your business in a short time.

Complete Projects

Replace two Centrifugal Up Blast Blower and Variable Speed Controller Drive Fair Lawn NJ 07410

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