Polycarbonate sheet for Awning, Sun Room, Green House
PC8H128B, Polycarbonate texured & Matte, 2.8mmx4ftx100ft, bronze Color PC8H128C, Polycarbonate texured & Matte, 2.8mmx4ftx100ft, clear white Color PC8H00ST, Polycarbonate Solid sheet, 2.8mmx4ftx100ft, Transparent, see through

Awning, Green House, Skylight, Roofing, Canopy, Balcony, ...etc
1. No cracking or breaking under large plastic deformation.
2. Excellent impact resistance.
3. Greater operating temperature range.
4. Highly transparent to visible light.
5. Outstanding weather-proof, fire-proof capabilities.
Dimension: 2.8mm thick, 4'Wx100'L, 5'Wx65'L, 6'Wx50'L
Coating: Anti-UV resistance treatment.
Finish: Textured & Matte sheet, or Solid sheet
Color: Bronze or Clear, or See through_transparent
Advantage: Safety: High impact strength, 250 times more than glass, 30 times more than Acrylics.
Light Weight: Easy design and layout, Save labor, cost, .
Easy Maintenance: Clean with water, no chemical solvent please.
Anti-UV: Excellent
Transparency: Above 80%
Thermal Insulation: Excellent
Flame Resistance: Rate as V2 under UL 94

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