Clear Polycarbonate sheet for Sign, Awning, Barrier,Sun Room, Green House

Application: Sign, Awning, Barrier, Green House, Skylight, Roofing, Balcony, ...etc Features: 1. No cracking or breaking under large plastic deformation. 2. Excellent impact resistance. 3. Greater operating temperature range. 4. Highly transparent to visible light. 5. Outstanding weather-proof, fire-proof capabilities. Specification: Size: 4'x8' 1/4" Thick /panel 3'x8' 1/8" Thick /panel 4'x100' 1/8" Thick /roll 5'x 80' 1/8" Thick /roll Coating: Anti-UV resistance treatment. Finish: Solid sheet Color: Clear, See through_transparent Part No.: PCS8400T, Polycarbonate smooth surface, 1/8" x 4ft x 100ft, roll, Transparent, see through PCS8580T, Polycarbonate smooth surface, 1/8" x 4ft x 80ft, roll, Transparent, see through PC13696T, Polycarbonate smooth surface, 1/8" x 3ft x 8ft, sheet, Transparent, see through PC24896T, Polycarbonate smooth surface, 1/4" x 4ft x 8ft, sheet, Transparent, see through Advantage: Safety: High impact strength, 250 times more than glass, 30 times more than Acrylics. Light Weight: Easy design and layout, Save labor, cost, . Easy Maintenance: Clean with water, no chemical solvent please. Anti-UV: Excellent Transparency: 1/8" Thick 90%+, 1/4" Thick 85%. Thermal Insulation: Excellent Flame Resistance: Rate as V2 under UL 94

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