Silicon Glue for construction and general purpose

Sikaflex -15 LM
High-performance, low-modulus elastomeric sealant.
1-component, polyurethane-based, non-sag elastomeric sealant.
Excellent for moving joint in vertical applications.
Suitable for use between similar as well as dissimilar materials.
Typical applications include joints in concrete panel and wall systems,
around window and door frames, reglets, flashing, common roofing detail applications.

color: White, Item number: 442144
Sikaflex 1A
One part polyurethane, elastomeric sealant/adhesive.
Premium-grade, high-performance, moisture-cured, 1-component,
polyurethane-bae, non-sag elastomeric sealant.
Design for all types of joints where maximum depth of sealant will no exceed 1/2 inch.
Excellent for small joints and fillets, windows, door frame, reglets, flashing,
common roofing detail applications, and many construction adhesive applications.
Suitable for vertical and horizontal joints, readily placeable at 40 degree F.

Color: Aluminum Gray Item number: 91009
Color: Medium Bronze Item number: 107777
SikaSil GP
One Part Moisture Curing Silicone sealant.
Suitable for use in a broad range of applications.
Easy to apply and offers excellent adhesion to a variety of non-porous substrates
such as glass, glazed ceramic tiles and aluminum.

Color: Clear Item number: 432063
Color: White Item number: 432064
Color: Metallic Aluminum Item number: 91009
CRL 33S series,
Most popular and high quality sealant, . One component, room temperature curing, acetic cure, 100% silicone elastomer. Color: Clear Item number: 33SC
Color: Aluminum Item number: 33SAL

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